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Color Value by C.R. Clifford

This book is all about colors and its significance in interior decoration. The author has touched all necessary topics related to colors that one should know before applying them to enhance the beauty of their houses. The author has discussed the application of colors in correct proportion and harmony of contrast colors to produce the best effects and related techniques in this book. There is great deal of information for professionals as well as for amateurs in this book. The information is presented to the readers in the form of important points. The author has tried to touch all perspective of colors when applied in decoration of house. The entire content of the book is written in very simple language and unavoidable terminologies are explained at the end of the book.

The author has begun with the conditions which affect the color most as light, form and proportion. The author has also covered the basics of scientific laws governing the colors in this book. The different classifications of colors are also discussed in a very simple and interesting way. The wonderful discussion on harmony of colors with reference to floor, walls and other house hold articles is quite interesting. This book will give a better idea to decide which color will be suitable for the interior depending upon the condition of the room. The discussion on illusions produced by lines and colors in interior decoration will surely surprise the reader. The author has done his to give maximum quality information about colors in this book supplemented by tables and charts for quick references.

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