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Children’s Books and Their Illustrators by Gleeson White

The children books are always amazing. This work of Gleeson White on Children’s books and their illustrators is worth reading. This book will take the reader to a world of children’s book. From fairy tales to adventure stories, bed time story books to moral stories, there are plenty of books under child literature. The author tries to trace the development of children’s book from the time where there was no separate branch as literature for children to today’s pictorial story books. The discussion also covers the changes brought in over a period of time in children’s books. This book is an overview of many children book and its creator and the special features of those books.

This book is a real tribute to the authors of children’s book who have work hard and matched children’s taste and perception but never got their part of appreciation. The author of this book too deserves a big round of appreciation for coming out with this informative piece of work. This book throws light on the initial literature for children and their illustrations, origin of rhymes and child stories which were actually a part of some books. The book also gives details of the earliest publishers like Newberry who published series of children books. This will be a perfect book to know the path traversed by today’s highly artistic and competitive children’s book in last three centuries.

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