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Chats on Household Curious by Fred W. Burgess

This is a distinct book wrote on a subject matter which all of us have some affinity. This is a wonderful book on domestic antiques and after reading this book one will search for them and surely find a place for such items with the other decorative pieces in their house. This book will surely make the reader nostalgic for things with which associated as a boy or a teenager. The concept of household curious collection is wonderful. The author has discussed about lot of articles which lost its value in household work but still find its place as personal belongings. The book is mainly focused on the British society and surroundings. Don’t think about the technicalities and enjoy reading the wonderful theme of this book.

Each chapter is dedicated to set of articles which was part of everyday life and fashion of our ancestors. This articles ranges from Kitchen utensils to dinning table articles, home ornamentals like vases to workbox, old books to Amulets, and watches to musical instruments. The illustrations provided by the author are just amazing. This book will add more value to the family relics lying neglected for many years. The chapter on “lights of former days” is wonderful and gives lot of information about the history of artificial lighting. This book has traced the development of modern cutleries from the traditional knife. This book is entertaining, informative and good for light reading or may be a first step towards developing a new hobby.

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