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Byzantine Churches in Constantinople: Their History and Architecture by Walter S. George

This book is a study of the architecture of one of the great European city of medieval period. The main limitations in the study of city of churches are that none of the architecture of that great era has survived in their original form. This book will be very informative to know the history of architecture of churches. This book will be surely a matter of interested for those who are interested in the history and culture of new Rome. While discussing the different types of Architecture of churches, the author has given good account of various major events, culture, manners and numerous anecdotes associated with various churches which made this book more interesting and a must read.

This book has examined the general planning followed in the construction of churches in Constantinople. It has also discussed the influence of Greek architecture on the construction of churches and its decoration. In this work the author has examined the available information from various sources and compiled and given a good deal of information on the famous churches of the Constantinople. The description of various churches built on modification of the churches of basilica is amazing. This book has classified the various churches of Constantinople on the basis of the architecture of the dome. The description of S.Sophia and its comparison with various other churches of that era is amazing.

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