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Astronomy of To-day A Popular Introduction in Non Technical Language by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage

This is a very simple book on Astronomy written by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage for the ordinary readers. As far as possible he has avoided the complex mathematical formulae and technical terminologies. The concepts are supplemented with illustrations and diagrams wherever possible. The lucid style and language used will make take the reader to a smooth journey of universe and its members. This book will give you an overview and general understanding of the scope and subjects in the study of Astronomy. The scientific theories associated with the celestial bodies are explained with simple examples. The author has streamlined the subject and presented the reader with a non technical version of most technical subject.

This will be a perfect book for readers who have kept themselves away due to the technicalities of the subject. The book moves from simple to complicated theories in such a way that reader will develop an affinity towards the subject. The ancient notions as well as the modern theories associated with the celestial bodies are discussed in this book. The book mainly focuses on the solar system and its constituents followed by discussion on specific properties of members of solar system like solar eclipse, lunar eclipse. There is a brief discussion on the origin and progress made by Astronomy and Astronomers in last few centuries. The last two chapters are very interesting which deals with the beginning and end of this world.

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