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Architecture Classic and Early Christian by John Slater and T. Roger Smith

This work on ancient architecture focuses on the architecture of early Christian era. This book will be very useful for anyone who is interested in architecture but scared of the technicalities of the subject. The author has maintained a good flow in explaining the origin of various styles of Architecture of the medieval and modern European architecture from the great ancient architectures of the prehistoric world. Whenever and wherever possible the comparison between different styles of architecture is given and that too without leading the reader to confusion by providing too much information. The illustration is provided followed by description which makes the concept very clear to the reader.

This book begins with Egyptian Architecture and followed by all the major architecture of ancient world. The discussion is not limited to the specific features of each architectural style but also deals with general building plan practiced in different civilization of the world. The book has more elaborately discusses the Greek, Etruscan and Roman Architecture as this styles of Architecture has most influenced the architecture of early Christian era. The analysis of early churches built on the model of basilica from Roman architecture is quite interesting. The analysis of various forms of Christian architecture and its correlation with the earlier form of architecture is very informative. This book is a sincere attempt by the authors to bring out the most complex discussion in a very simple form.

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