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Anthropology by Marett R.R. (Robert Ranulph)

This is a very simple book on Anthropology and it can be read easily by anyone who does not have much knowledge about this subject. The first chapter gives scope of study of Anthropology, its limitations and its relation and comparison with other branches of science. This chapter also gives an overview of the following chapters. The study of evolution of man begins in Anthropology with the prehistoric era and this book elaborates the various methods followed by Anthropologist to gather information. This chapter is followed by a chapter which discusses the various aspects and theories associated with human race. This book also emphasizes the importance of study of environment and the influence of geographic factors on human race. The higher intelligence and ability to articulate speech made man distinct from other organisms on earth and led to the development of man as a social animal which is discussed in last chapters.

This work will be very fascinating for a beginner as it covers the corner stones in the study of Anthropology. The scientific approach followed in this book which explains every theory on the basis of observations is amazing. The experiments of Anthropology cannot be confined to a laboratory but in this book author has done his best to support various theory on the basis of numerous examples and making the concepts very clear to the reader. This branch of science is closely related with other branches of science and philosophy and hence the books on Anthropology are overflowed with information that often confuses the reader. This book has maintained the simplicity in writing style and content and giving concrete information.

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