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Anthropology as a Science and as a Branch of University Education in the United States by Daniel Garrison Brinton

This presentation by Daniel Garrison Brinton is an earnest effort on his part to ensure a higher and independent place for Anthropology in the University education in United States. In supporting this argument he has discussed the significance of Anthropology in the study of other branches of humanities and science. This is very true that the progress of other branches of science depends mainly upon the understanding of development of our civilization. He also throws lights on the various chairs and societies established in different parts of the world for the advancement of Anthropology as an independent science. Due to the vastness of scope of study of Anthropology it has been divided into various subdivisions like Somatology, Ethnology, Ethnography and Archaeology. This presentation also emphasizes the need of laboratory and library in the departments of Anthropology.

This presentation gives an idea about the state of affairs in the study of Anthropology by the end of nineteenth century. The most attractive part of the paper is the plan of study proposed by Daniel Garrison Brinton giving importance to each sub division of Anthropology. He also advocated the scientific method to be followed in the study of this branch. In his proposed curricula he has given much importance to practical knowledge gained by students in laboratories and with field work. This presentation will be very helpful for the students as well as teachers to improve their approach towards this subject. This work will surely provide the perfect guidelines for the study of Anthropology.

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