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An Elementary study of Chemistry by Henderson and McPherson

This textbook on elementary study of chemistry by William McPherson and William Edward Henderson is little bit different from the other textbooks of chemistry followed in the classrooms. The textbook is meant for the teachers of chemistry but the authors have made a sincere effort to simplify the theories and principles of chemistry to the level of understanding of an ordinary student. At the end of every chapter author has come up with set of questions for the mental exercise of the students and will be very helpful for the teachers in evaluating the level of understanding of their students. This textbook is divided into thirty two chapters and each chapter is perfect in its length and content.

Each chapter consists of most significant information and wherever possible concepts are supplemented with simple experiments and illustrations. After a thorough reading of the book, one can understand that the textbook is written in such a way that every chapter gives an insight into the concepts discussed in the following chapter. A chapter on oxygen and its properties leads to chapter on hydrogen followed by water. The concept of valence and periodic table are very efficiently discussed in this textbook and due care has been taken to avoid any sort of confusion. But there are chapters on like “sulphur and its compounds” and “the chlorine family” little bit difficult to follow. Overall this book will be very useful for the classrooms.

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