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Aether and Gravitation by William George Hooper

This book is an outcome of an attempt to study the medium of gravitation force and the related phenomena. The author has based his study on Sir Isaac Newton’s Rules of Philosophy and proceeded on scientific method based on observation and experiments for arriving on any concrete theory. This book is an attempt made by William George Hooper to unfold a new theory instead of tradition theory of Aether as a medium for gravitation force. This book will be helpful for the students who would like to know the theories which served as the basis for the study of gravitational force and its present theories. The concept of Aether which dominated physics in its initial period of development is questioned by the author is in this book.

The author has bridge the gap between aetherial physics and the modern principles of physical science based on observations and experiments. This book is divided into fourteen chapters. The book began with the study of universal law of gravitation and three rules of Newton’s Philosophy. Then the author has moved on to the properties of matter and Aether. This discussion is followed by a discussion on energy, heat and light. During this study the author has come up with various hypothesis of Aether and applied for the basis in the study of electricity and magnetism. The author has tried his best to explain the complex theories of Newton and Kepler in simple terms.

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