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Acres of Diamonds: our everyday opportunities by Russell Herman Conwell

This is an amazing work by an author who has experience of different walks of life as a student, school master, lawyer, preacher, organizer, thinker, writer, lecturer and school master. His way of narrating stories is very unique and the words will surely touch the reader’s heart. Every story has a moral in it and will make aware of the opportunities surrounding all of us throughout of life that most of us miss due to mere ignorance. This work is full of small stories of such people who missed the immediate openings and went in hunt of opportunities and lost everything. This lecture is very inspiring and very simple language so that each word should be understood by ordinary men.

The lecture begins with an interesting story which an Arab guide has told Rusell Herman Cornwell during his trip to deserts of Baghdad. The story of a young man, who went in search of diamonds to different parts of world and lost everything he possessed his life too. The lecture is unique both for its content and style. This work is specially meant for young individuals who often wander and lost their way in an attempt to become immediately rich. Russell Herman Conwell has insisted in his lecture money is not the real constraint for success. The lecture is followed by an interesting section which throws light on Russell Herman Conwell’s life and achievements by Robert Shackleton. Once the reader has read this section then again go back to the lecture. This time you will read this piece of work more seriously.

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