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About Orchids A Chat by Frederick Boyle

This is a wonderful collection of simple and informative essays on orchid growing by Frederick Boyle. In this collection he has added few works on orchid earlier published with updates and explanation. This book is written keeping in view the knowledge of an amateur in this field. This book will surely attract the reader with its beautiful illustrations of orchids. The writer has shared his passion for orchids in this book making this work more fascinating. This book has lot of useful information about orchids along with various anecdotes associated with author’s experience with orchid growing and it will surely clear lot of misconceptions associated with orchids. This book has interesting facts about orchid and its culture which the reader will surely enjoy.

The author has discussed the type of orchids under three heads cool orchids, warm orchids and hot orchids, depending upon the kind of atmosphere they require for their growth. The Cool orchids are the most commonly and comfortably grown in England and they are at their best in winter season. In this collection he has cited a letter written by an orchid collector their passion for orchids and the hardships faced by them in collecting rare species of orchids. The author has also discussed about orchids which has become extinct under the head “lost orchids’. In this book the author has thrown light on various aspects of orchids. From economical values of orchid to its aesthetic beauty, its physiology to the numerous variety of orchids, the best way to cultivate and to select the right variety.

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