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The City of Domes : a walk with an architect about the courts and palaces of the Panama Pacific International Exposition with a discussion of its architecture, its sculpture, its mural decoration, its coloring and its lighting, preceded by a history of its growth by Barry, John D.

This is an interesting book mainly focusing on the artistic touch and beauty of architecture. This work gives a complete account of Panama Pacific International Exposition beginning from when such an idea was conceived to the different phases of its implementation. The participants have not left any stone unturned in the beautification of the exposition. The participation of countries from different parts of world marked the success of this exposition. This book has extensively described the beautiful courts and palaces exhibiting the extraordinary skills of the architects and different styles and patterns of architecture. This book is a collection of articles giving different aspects of this exposition.

This work by Berry John D. has given such a description of the exposition that the reader will have a feel as he himself has attended the great event. The most part of this book is written in a form of conversation which itself is a unique way and keeps the reader focused. The various anecdotes associated with various historical monuments and architecture adds the charm to this book. Every work exhibited in the exposition though inspired from the great works but was distinct in it. The description of court of universe is mesmerizing. The architecture along with the sculptures and murals decoration tells a story giving insight into the various significant historical events. The exposition itself was a unique event in itself and its recording in this form of a book is amazing.

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