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A Text-Book of the History of Architecture by A.D.F. Hamlin

This is a vast book in length as well as its contents. It begins from tracing the history of architecture from the primitive man to the development of architecture as a science and art in the nineteenth century. The discussion on architecture of various historical ages in different places of the world contributed to the bulk of this book. This book has successfully projected the famous architectures and styles and special features of great civilizations of the world. This book has discussed the basic and unique rules of architecture as well as the different rules of architecture developed in different civilization and the changes underwent by this great science in the past few centuries. This book has beautifully described the individual style of each era and the influence of architecture of different civilization on each other.

This book has discussed the history of architecture in three parts. The book begins with the oldest architects of the world, the Egyptians, followed by the Assyrian, Persian, Jewish, Greek, Roman and others up to Mohammedans, Indians and Turkish architecture which deals with the architecture of ancient period. The architecture of medieval era deals with the architecture mainly Gothic architecture prevalent in various parts of Europe. The third era is the period of change not only in politics and social world but in architecture the Renaissance period in Italy, France and up to the nineteenth century. It is a comprehensive book on history of architecture. The information and references given for further studies makes it as a perfect handbook for the students of architecture.

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