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A study of Pueblo Architecture, Tusayan and Cibola: Eighth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution (1886-1887), Government Printing Office Washington, 1891, pages 3-228 by Cosmos Mindeleff and Victor Mindeleff

This work is a study of Pueblo Architecture by closely examining the ruins and remains of this, still existing in the province of Tusayan and Cibola. The present architecture of this province also embodies the features of Pueblo Architecture which made this study very remarkable. The rapid growth of Pueblo Architecture from its primitive form is attributed to the frequent migration mainly due to the hostile climatic condition of the south western plateau. Hence this work is an outcome of various surveys conducted by Cosmos Mindeleff and Victor Mindeleff in the various parts of this region where the ruins and remains of Pueblo Architecture was scattered. This work is very complex for an average reader. The simultaneous description of various tribes and their architecture sometimes leaves the reader in a confused state.

The writer has put his best effort in this work to draw a correlation between the ancient Pueblo Architecture with the present buildings and structures in Tusayan and Cibola provinces. This work is done successfully to some extent as many of the Pueblo Architectures were destroyed in the natural course of time. This book has also focused on the arrangement of houses in the villages. The illustrations provided in this book will be very helpful for the reader in understanding the Pueblo Architectures. The diversity of the Pueblo Architectures is efficiently described in this book. This book also throws light on the multi storied architecture practiced in the ancient times. This book needs to be reread for better understanding and for appreciating Pueblo Architecture.

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