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A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century, Fourth Edition by Agnes M. Clerke

This book focuses and studies the significant development in the field of Astronomy in the nineteenth century. The book not only traces the progress of Astronomy but also analyses the reason behind the sudden surge in this field in nineteenth century. This book has covered the significant discoveries and the invention of instruments and improvements and the great scientist who were behind this discoveries and inventions and their theories. The author has made an intense study of origin of star gauging and its development into separate branch of Astronomy which makes the study of heavenly bodies by observing them and making a significant deviation from the earlier methods of studying the celestial bodies. This book is divided into two parts, first half deals with the progress made by Astronomy in first half of the century and the second part deals with the later half.

The book begins with the discussion on important discoveries and progress made in the field of Astronomy in the last few years of eighteenth century. These discoveries marked a public awareness and consequently collective efforts were made for further research in Astronomy like establishment of observatories were dealt in detail in this book. This is followed by the discussion on discoveries of planets like Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and other minor planets. The first half of the nineteenth century witnessed the better means of observation and there is an elaborate discussion on telescope and other instruments. The second part of the book is more technical and it deals with the foundation and progress of Astronomical physics. It covers the topic from evolution and origin of heavenly bodies and their atmosphere and constituent and other properties.

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