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A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden by Walter Crane

This pictorial book is just amazing. This is like other works of Walter Crane will be a favorite among children. Especially this book will amuse the children of very young age with its colorful and lively illustrations. The beautiful series of garden drawings will take the reader to the world of fantasy of garden and beautiful flowers. Each and every illustration is awesome. The colorful sequence of pictures will surely make the child to love this work. These pictures are very simple and will take the reader very closer to the greenery and beauty of nature. More than words, the pictures speak in this work of Walter Crane.

The pictures from the work of Walter Crane can be used for the children of very young age to identify different things in the garden. Walter Crane is among one of the earliest creator of children pictorial books. “A floral fantasy in an old English Garden” with its forty two wonderful garden drawings stands apart among the children book section for its simplicity and creativity. Once you start enjoying the beauty of flowers of fantasy garden of Walter Crane, the captions will loose its significance. Without telling a story, each picture speaks about the beauty and sanctity of flowers of the garden. This book can be picked up for its simplicity and clarity of drawings and for being with nature.

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