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The activity of designing any kind of system can be short termed as architecture. The term architecture can be used for unfolding information technology. It can otherwise be described as the art of science of design for raising buildings and other physical construction. Micro level construction as well as a macro level construction is involved in architecture. Designing, creation and progression of planning, and construction are the main criteria of an architecture.

A person who is qualified in architecture is called an architect. The works of architecture are supposed to be works of art. Time and again they are professed as cultural and political symbols. From the remains of architectural achievements one can very well be acknowledged with the historical civilization. In architecture apart from designs the most important factors are a perceptive towards business, technical knowledge and management. An architect performs to the satisfaction of the client. He tries to fulfill the requirements of the client and his work involves making designs for the building structures, and the spaces among them, preparing audit and feasibility reports for which he is awarded a commission. The architect organizes a design team who are directed to construct the design. The design team may consist of mechanical, electrical and structural engineers who are ether hired by the client or the architect himself.

In architecture the most important factor is quality with regard to technical, social, environmental, functional and aesthetic considerations. Technology, material, light and shadow are also factors to be considered. Construction administration, realizing and arrangement of buildings and structures and even cost estimation are practical aspects that cannot be avoided. It is usually through plans, drawings and technical specifications that the structure or the behavior of the building or buildings to be constructed is defined. Today's architecture is simple at the same time giving importance to creation of embellishment from the structure and theme of the building. It can be said that the modern architecture is more of a contemporary style. The rejuvenation of society and advancement in the technology brought a great change in the architectural designs. The modern architecture is influenced from the postmodern architecture, an international style started from 1950s. Today in architecture we can see importance being given to more of outward appearances than actual purpose of construction. Wasting of space, adopting structures for own purpose and common styles are some of the defaults of modern architecture.

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