Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is a different class of literature. It is a love story filled with hate, longing, revenge terror and ghostly presence. The author has projected the darker side of love, selfish, unforgiving and obsessive love which turns into madness. The story is sketched in such a way that reader will not be able to sympathize with any of the characters for the tragic incidents. Each character of Emily Bronte is average human beings with all weaknesses. But the characters will surely leave strong impressions on readers mind forever. At first instance this is a very depressive love story but after getting along with the characters readers will find it quite interesting and exciting.

The story is narrated as a flashback by the old servant to the new tenant who wants to know the reason for the strange behaviour of his landlord and the unusual incidents associated with the house. She was a servant in Earnshaw family. Heathcliff is an orphan child adopted by the Earnshaw family. Catherine, Earnshaw’s daughters became very fond of Heathcliff and they fall in love with each other. Though Catherine loved Heathcliff she was unable to cross the barrier of social class and marries Linton, a socially affluent man of that locality. This betrayal of Catherine sets in motion an obsession in Heathcliff that destroys everything. This story has wonderfully demonstrated the positive and negative powers of love. The story is told in sorrow mood surrounded by lot of fear, but still it will surely hook the reader by raising their curiosity level.



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