War and Peace by graf Leo Tolstoy

It is very difficult to describe war and peace under a single head. The masterpiece of Leo Tolstoy is described as a great novel, chronicle, and historical fiction and even as an epic and classic literary work. This is very vast book in all means of contents and concepts. This book is divided into four parts and each part consisting of many chapters. Prima facie it will appear as if the story revolves around the conquest of Napoleon Bonaparte. But going deep into the story will reveal more details of the life style, culture and activities of three elite noble Russian families, the Rostovs, the Bolkonskys and the bezukhovs. This story gives a good deal of information about great history of Russia.

The story begins with a reception organised by Anna Pavlovna to the members of the high class Russian society and the centre of their discussion was Napoleon Bonaparte. The main character of the story comes in, Pierre who differ from everyone there on his opinion on Napoleon. The story moves with Pierre as a young man who is confused but never loosing his individuality transforming into a mature adult with serious outlook by surviving various hardships in the battle field. In his story of war and peace there are two love stories. Towards the end it unfolds the story of triumphant Russian army making Napoleon to withdraw from Russian land. This story has analysed war from the viewpoint of all of its main character and their experiences with war and peace.



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