Ulysses by James Joyce

This is one of the classic books of English literature. It has been in controversy for various reasons including its experimental style of writing and plain speaking. This is a long story of a single day events in the lives of its two characters. This book is very challenging and difficult to understand unless you develop a keen interest in the lives of its central characters and attention. Once getting the hold of its character the story goes on very smoothly. It gives the daily activities of two persons and analyses their character with the numerous thoughts coming into their mind on that particular day. There is no storyline in this, but the story of numerous thoughts which spontaneously comes into our mind.

The first three chapters of the book deals with the morning activities of Leopold Bloom and the succeeding three chapters deals with the activities of Stephen Dedalus. Leopold Bloom spent his day doing various activities like attending a funeral and canvassing for advertisement for local newspaper but on the back of his mind he was always thinking about his wife’s betrayal. He was planning things to put his family back on tracks. On the same time a lonely man Stephen carries on his day’s activity preoccupied with the thoughts of his deceased mother. In the day they two engrossed in their thoughts crossed each other many times. But the evening they meet each other and they proceed to a pub and later to a brothel. After protecting Stephen there, Bloom finds his mind at peace.



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