Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island is a classic adventure story by Robert Louis Stevenson and it has set a bench mark for adventure stories. The story revolves around hidden treasure and pirates. This work of Robert Louis Stevenson has given the most memorable characters of English literature, Jim Hawkins, Billy Bones and Long John silver. His style of character description is unique and outstanding as if the characters will come alive from the pages. The plot is very simple but interesting. The plot does not have big surprises but will surely makes the reader more and more curious to turn pages. This is the story of a young boy Jim Hawkins and his treasure hunt and his encounter with the pirates. Along with the main plot the narration of back story of captain Flint and his pirate group add the charm to the story.

Jim Hawkins is a son of Admiral Benbow inn owner. Billy Bones becomes a long-term guest in the inn and Jim Hawkins soon finds out he has been chased by a pirate group. After his death Jim and his mother opens his sea chest and finds the treasure map. He took it to Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney and together they examine it and find it to be a detail map of an island where the looted treasure of captain Flint is hidden and set off into a treasure hunt. They buy Hispaniola and with the help of its owner Long John Silver they picked the rest crew member. But the real adventure begins when Jim Hawkins came to know that Long John Silver and his crew members were pirates mentioned by Billy Bones. The language used is sometimes difficult to understand apart from that story is just amazing.



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