Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome

This is a classic book full of fun. Jerome K. Jerome is famous for his humorous novels and in this piece of work, he was at his best which itself makes this book outstanding. This book was supposed to be a descriptive travelogue by the author but turn out to be his marvellous contribution to the collection of humorous classic. This story is based on the real incidents and author has recorded and painted it with his unique style of writing. Montmorency an imaginary dog has added charm to the story. Embedded in humour Jerome has very well described the little joys of life, amusing beauty of the nature and the variety of characters exhibited by us which we often overlook in our busy schedule of life. This book will surely make the reader laugh loudly.

This is the story of three friends George, Harris and J, the narrator himself set on a boat journey up the Thames from Kingston to Oxford. Accompanied by Montmorency they set on their pleasure journey. But the boat journey is not as easy as they thought. The troubles of unreliable weather forecast, they got lost in Hedge mazes and end up going downstream without paddle and they came across monstrous cats and vicious swans. Being with each other for twenty four hours of a day for a fortnight also brings out the vivid characters of the three men. The little anecdotes of the men in their journey make this book amazing. The most sorrowful part of the book is when you come to know its over. This book will take the reader to a hilarious journey of their life.



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