The war of the worlds by H.G.Wells

This is the classic science fiction written by H.G.Well. This is the story of man versus alien. The extent of Well’s imagination can be fully appreciated only if we realize that this book has been written in an era when aeroplane was not invented forget about rockets and missiles. The story is inspired by scientific ideas of outer space and fascination towards the existence of life outside earth. This is the greatest but simplest science fiction on alien invasion. The description of ruthless Martians and their invasion of London are amazing. There is a good flow of events throughout the story. By this book H.G.Well projects the unfair human practices on earth towards the other animals and imagines destruction of human race by organism superior than human.

The story is narrated by scientist who observed from onset the unusual activities in mars followed by the arrivals of Martians near London and eye witnessed the blood shed violence by Martians. Martians landed on earth in a cylindrical spaceship. Initially thy remained inside as they were unable to adjust with new environment. But later they assembled their sophisticated fighting machines and chemical weapons. Army failed to withstand the alien’s weapons and black smoke. Well has beautifully described the terror spread by Martians. Martians survived on human blood and the whole London was ruined. But they failed in front of small bacteria which fully erased them on earth. The story ended with the conquest of nature over aliens.



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