The Wave by Algernon Blackwood

Algernon Blackwood is always famous for his tales of supernatural powers. This novel deals with the theme of reincarnation of two men and one woman of ancient Egypt. This book is a perfect blend of love, tragedy, suspense and mystery. In this book, Algernon Blackwood is at his best in describing the surroundings and the deep emotions of the character. The plot will make the reader puzzled with its twist and turn. Unlike other horror novels it does not have any physical fear factor it is the psychological fear factor in the story which will surely bring a shiver to the reader. Throughout the story a young boy is trying to chase his dreams and correlate it with his present life.

The story of Tom Kelverdon haunted by a strange nightmare of a wave, whiff and eyes following him and decides to find the meaning of the dream. His intuition leads him to his father’s cupboard where he found the same fragrance which disturbed him in his dreams. His father a Doctor by profession got sense of the intuitive nature of his son. The possession in his cupboard unfolds an Egyptian love story of a Syrian slave and his love for Theban general’s wife. Initially the princess had a motherly affection towards the slave which later developed into a divine love. On finding their love, the general killed the slave in front of the princess and she ended her life by jumping into the river. Father’s quest of finding out the relation between this story and his son’s dream moves the story further. As the time passes all the characters of Egyptian story was related to Tom Kelverdon in his present life.



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