The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

This is an excellent science fiction blend with all human emotions. The best part of the book is that in spite of being a science fiction it does not use much of highly scientific and technological terms. The foundation of the story’s theme is science but the author has analysed things in moral and social viewpoint with his time machine. The author has not gone much into the technical aspect of time machine. This story is mainly on the experiences of travelling in past and future with the time machine. The concept of the story itself is very innovative and the description of the author makes it a classic piece of literature.

This is the story of a man who wants to add a fourth dimension of time to the three dimensional objects. The story begins with the time traveller’s conversation with his guests on the aspect of fourth dimension and he reveals to them his discovery of time machine. During his exploration of different time, he was shocked to find the remote future, in ruin. He has described the extent of damage done by the human being to his own race and to the surrounding nature. Human kind has reduced in physical and intellectual strengths. He was shocked to find the disparity between the rich and poor. By the sarcastic description of the future, he explains the conquest of the nature over human race for the distortion of its natural balance.



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