The Republic by Plato

This book is the great work of a philosopher, scholar and who set a new era of political and legal thought in western civilization. This is not a piece of literature or essay but this work of Plato is a class in itself. This is regarded as the bible of all political philosophies. Plato’s great regard to state, ruled by a political authority of wise and intellects to achieve justice and men and women gives obedience to this political authority. This book has given the insight of rule of law, equality of sexes, and education in its modern perspective. The concept of ideal society is dealt in detail as the conversation between Socrates and his pupils. This translation of “The Republic” has made an efficient effort and retained the original Greek meaning of words and phrases used by Plato.

This book contains an excellent introduction to Plato’s work which will give an overview of Plato’s contribution to different fields like law, psychology, politics, education and religion. Introductory part is very helpful in further reading and deep understanding of “The Republic”. But this book requires lot of rereading and to avoid misinterpretation reader must concentrate on the ideas put forwarded by the author. This book is an inquest to reach the perfect state constituted by perfect government and perfect community able to achieve justice for the individual. The book separates the real from the ideal and makes a thorough study of cause and reasons which made this gap. Plato’s republic discuses all aspects of human life and soul that it is a must read for everyone irrespective of their field.



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