The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

This is the great book which marked a turning point in the political philosophy and thought of western thought. The subject of his book is the desire to rule, the ruler and the subject. The introduction of the book contains the life history of Machiavelli which is very necessary for better understanding of this book. His life history is divided into three parts. The second part, in which he holds various offices in Republic of Florence and visited various European countries, set the foundation of this book. Machiavelli was a great thinker, observer and writer who studied the cause of conflicts between the states inside and outside Italy during his lifetime and came up with this masterpiece. This book is a political commentary on all aspects of politics and power with numerous examples from history.

He has divided states into principality and republic. Machiavelli explained various kinds of principalities and their merits and demerits and means to acquire and govern them. According to Machiavelli, the main foundation of any state is good laws and good arms. He discusses the importance of prince’s education in art of war and his organisation skills. Machiavelli recommends character and behaviour of the prince as to be miser, cruel that means he should not misuse his liberality clemency. The prince to be loved or feared is beautifully explained as he should be loved by the will of the people and feared by will of the prince and must not be the part of hatred.



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