The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

The main subject matter of the book of Oscar Wilde is beauty. From time immemorial man is crazy about beauty and youth. This nature of the man is beautifully highlighted in this book with the character of Dorian Gray. This is a classic piece of literature ever written on the subject of fear of ageing of a man. This book of Oscar Wilde is perfect and unique in all aspects, description, characters, theme and storyline. The story is mainly surrounded on three characters Dorian Gray and his artist friend Basil Hallward and Lord Henry Wotton who acts as the catalyst in this plot of Oscar Wilde. Each of the characters can be analysed in different angles. The author has left so much in this book for reader’s imagination, assumption and deductions.

The story begins with the entry of a young man Dorian Gray into London and becomes friendly with an artist Basil Hallward who is infatuated with his personality and physical beauty. Inspired by Dorian Gray as described by the artist as perfect combination of body and soul, makes his portrait and believed it as his best work. Dorian meets Henry Wotton in artist studio and greatly inspired by his perception of the world. Lord Henry induced him to believe that the most important asset in life is beauty and youth. On the thought of aging, he badly wished for a perennial youth and wished instead of him Basil’s portrait gets aged. His wish was fulfilled and soul was sold for beauty. In the passion and power of beauty he indulged into various criminal activities. The signs of aging and sins were reflected in his portrait which started disturbing him. By the time he realised his fault it was too late.



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