The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci — Complete by Leonardo da Vinci

A book which is the result of thirty years of research and observation of a great intellect itself makes it apart from all others in the bookshelves. This book gives new meaning to his visuals. This book gives an insight into the various observation made by this great researcher in various field of science, art, astronomy, and painting. His study of perspective modern optics makes it clear that he studied the subjects of various branches of modern science and understood its interdependence and individual existence. The random observations and studies of Leonardo Da Vinci are compiled in an excellent way. This book brings out the scientist, philosopher and artist in Leonardo da Vinci.

This book contains his simple experiments with light and shadow based on which he has explained various principles of perspective and applied it in his paintings. It is interesting to note that all of his theories were based on simple and numerous experiments which stand true all the time irrespective of time and space. Normally a notebook is a conversation of a person with himself or an account of his daily activities but this is an interaction of a genius with nature and his deep understanding of its phenomenon. It seems he was interested in all the subjects on this earth from motion of planets to the small spot which he calls the indivisible point.


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