The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

This is an excellent piece of literature in the form of a short story. This story is mainly based on a rural Dutch town settled in a valley near Tarry town, a small market town and the superstitions prevalent in that region. This town was also called sleepy hollow because of the peculiarity of the inhabitants wandering drowsy state and assuming and believing all kinds of superstitious things. And the main superstition was the legend of a headless man on his horseback wandering in that area searching for his head. This is written in very simple and lucid manner. Washington Irving has mixed all sorts of human emotions of love, humour, sarcasm and fears and came out with this masterpiece.

The story begins with the coming of a school master Ichabod Crane in sleepy hollow. Very soon with his witch tales and his appearances and manner he became famous among the female folk. After seeing Katrina Van Tassel a beautiful lady of sleepy hollow life took a sudden turn for Ichabod’s and things became more complicated by entry of a rival Abraham Van Brunt. One fine day he gets an invitation for a party in Van Tassel’s house. Party was full of music, fun and haunted stories. While returning from the party he was followed by the Headless Horseman. Next day morning villagers could only find his horse and the sudden disappearance of Ichabod made the superstitions of villager’s grow stronger.



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