The Importance of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People by Oscar Wilde

The Importance of Being Earnest is a wonderful humorous play written by Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde’s works always have a serious theme or message to convey to the society. The play makes fun of excesses of manners in upper classes of British society. This is a well written play with every word and every scene is perfect in its place. The plot is very simple and moves very fast. The plot has all bright colors of life in it, friendship, love and comedy. The conversation of the character is very apt and humorous but the major part of the comedy is contributed by the confusion arising out of fictitious characters. The play is very interesting and will make the reader to forget about the storyline and immerse in the world created by Wilde’s words.

The plot revolves around two friends Algernon and Jack Worthing, two bachelors of upper middle class of British society. They take the help of two fictitious characters to escape from social commitments and enjoy their life as they wish. Jack Worthing creates a fictitious brother Earnest in London to escape his ward Cecily in the country side. Jack Worthing is in love with Gwendolen and she loves him mainly because of his name, Earnest. But their love was not approved by Gwendolen’s mother. Meanwhile, Algernon moves to country side and introduce himself as Earnest Worthing to Cecily and both of them gets attracted towards each other. On his return Jack founds his fictitious brother alive. Things get worst and the confusion reaches its peak when Gwendolen reaches there. Both the females strongly believed that they were engaged to Earnest the fictitious person who never existed.



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