The Dead Lake and Other Tales by Paul Heyse

This book consists of four wonderful short stories written by great German author and noble laureate Paul Heyse. These three short stories are among the great work of the great author. He is an expert in describing human emotions and putting an expression to words. The short stories are written so well that it will touch reader’s heart. Paul Heyse stories emerge from the very average human being and issues surrounding them and their society. He is very simple in his writings. His short stories are tales with a complex theme but narrated in a very simple manner.

These short stories are perfect in its length and with good flow which will make the reader to adhere to it unless and until it is over. A fortnight at the dead lake is a fascinating short story of a young medical practitioner. In a inn near dead lake a doctor writes a letter to his friend of the tragedies of his life. How he lost his foster parents and his little foster sister. And he believes himself to be responsible for their deaths. As being a doctor he could not diagnose the ailment and given her wrong treatment due to which she died and his foster parents also passed away in that shock. It has shaken his inner conscience and always chased by this guilt he has quitted the medical profession. Meantime in the inn a lady enters with her sick daughter and the young doctor could not stop himself from saving her life and this incident gives a new turn in his life. The other three short stories are also amazing and worth reading.



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