The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas pere

This is a classic book of English literature. This is a huge but fascinating book. This book is the masterpiece of Alexandre Dumas pere who is famous for his unique style of writing. The characters of his novels are also equally famous like him. Each character is drawn from real people. Readers can find many similarities with the characters of the novel and by the end find themselves deeply attached and influenced by its characters. There is romance as well as violence, good and evil, despair and hope, violence, tension but main focus is on revenge for the injustice. The plot is written so brilliantly that its single character exhibits almost all the traits and different sides of human nature. The story is full of adventure; thrill and taking the reader to a highly dramatic journey and the length of the book loose its significance.

A young sailor Edmond Dantes accused of false charges of treason and arrested and put into imprisonment for long fourteen years. In prison he meets Abbe Faria who becomes his friend and mentor teaches him all the practical and philosophical theories related to the world and different languages and gift him a hidden treasure. Edmond makes a dramatic escape from the prison and re-emerges as Count of Monte Cristo, a wealthy and powerful man. He tracks down his enemies one by one and destroy them but not with lethal weapons but with well planned plots. He becomes an instrument of justice for the wrong doers. But by the end he realises that he has taken revenge by wrongful means but believes only god can be just in true sense.



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