The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare consists of all the great works of the great author of English literature. He has given the best comedies and the best of tragedies ever written in the world of classic English literature. The complete works consists of not only his plays but sonnets and poems written by him in chronological order. By reading the complete works reader can feel the evolution of the great author towards more and more perfection. Hamlet is the most famous work of William Shakespeare followed by Othello, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The tempest and Julius Caesar. But there are lesser known plays of Shakespeare like Troilus and Cressida which are incomparable in its plot, characters and storyline. After reading the complete works reader will have a new perspective of Shakespeare.

Readers who want to read the complete works of William Shakespeare uninterruptedly will find this edition very useful as it does not have any footnote. But for beginners this edition will be bit difficult to get along with as there is no textual notes and explanation of difficult words and there is no description of background of the plays. But for scholars who have already done their part of research in Shakespeare’s work this will be a marvellous piece of work for in-depth reading and analysis of various characters and for finding an interrelation between various works of Shakespeare. This book will take the reader to a journey of Shakespeare’s writing. The early plays of Shakespeare were comedies and histories and then rising to more sophisticated level and came out with the best of tragedies and towards the end he wrote romantic plays.



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