The Art of War by Sunzi

Art of war is one of the authorities in military tactics. This book is based on the life and war techniques developed and followed by the great Chinese warrior. This book gives intense information about the military techniques and war tactics prevalent in Chinese civilisation. The theories of war developed by this great warrior has stood true and made it way to the military tactics of all super power countries. This book has put the complicated subject of war tactics in a very simple manner. The strategies of war tactics is explained in such a manner it can be applied to common man’s life. It can be applied in all aspects of life. This should be a must read book for all the students.

Introduction part of this book is very informative. It has collected the information from various sources about Sun Tzu and put in a nutshell for readers to better understand Sun Tzu’s Art of war. This book is divided into thirteen chapters and each chapter discusses in detail various stages of military tactics which is followed till now. According to him Art of war mainly depends on heaven, earth, moral law, the commander and practise and discipline. This book discusses the moral aspect of military tactics in detail. This book also discusses the darker side of war and lengthy operations. Art of war also emphasizes the need of maintaining peace.



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