The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

The character of Tom Sawyer is that everyone familiar as a mischievous young boy who wants to enjoy life fully by endorsing into all kinds of adventures. The author has put his childhood experiences in black and white which makes this work more interesting. The innovative ways of adventures will put him troubles but he will find an unusual and exciting way to come out of it. The description of the story is excellent and each page fills the reader with a feel of excitement and enthusiasm. Tom Sawyer is a kind of person adds some kind of amusement in all kind of circumstances. In this story Mark Twain has beautifully sketched different stages of Tom sawyer’s youth and his changing into a mature adult.

The story starts with the depiction of his character with small incidents. Being fed up by Tom’s mischief’s his aunt decided to punish him by assigning him the work of whitewashing the fence on Saturday. But Tom persuades his friend’s for whitewashing the fence as he makes them believes that this is the most interesting game they might have ever played. Tom’s crush for Becky Thatcher has given a new turn to his life. Tom and his friend Huck witnessed a murder but they swear not to reveal anything. But for the sake of protecting an innocent person from punishment he reveals everything. Meantime the rineal criminal escaped. But the brave boys, Tom and his friends hunted the criminal and found his hidden treasure.



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