The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes stories always shares a special place in all thriller readers heart. This book comprises of good bunch of Sherlock Holmes stories. A scandal in Bohemia and The red headed league are the must read among Sherlock Holmes stories. In A scandal in Bohemia our detective hero meets the lady whom he admires for her extra ordinary character and her ability to anticipate his moves. The red head league starts as a simple plot but as it goes on it takes a dramatic twist puzzling the reader. The author has put his best effort in this to bring out the versatility of Sherlock Holmes with each and every incident of the story.

The remaining stories in this collection are also worth reading. These stories are irresistible, once you start reading won’t be able to take your eyes on without coming to the climax. The stories being narrated as a first person who was along Mr Holmes all the time during his detective expeditions bring some repetitiveness in drawing Mr Holmes character sketch. But that does not matter when the story takes its twist and turn and every time an indigenous hero comes in. Moreover, the reader can get into the narrator’s shoes and enjoy the same level of suspense and high spirits throughout the story.



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