Secret Adversary by Agastha Christie

This is a story full of fun, love, suspense and mysteries. As the plot unfolds it will take turn from one mystery to another increasing the reader’s anxiety. The language and vocabulary used is very simple but the distinct story telling style of the writer made it a class apart. This story is different from other thrillers as it seems author fell in love with the characters of the story. Though the mystery is fantastic but the chemistry between its characters specially Tommy Beresford and Tuppence Cowly gives the beautiful charm to the storyline. The impersonation of an overheard name which brings all the adventure in the life of the main character’s of the story.

The story begins with a man handing over some intelligence documents to a lady on a sinking ship. The documents were supposed to be returned to the gentleman when he gives advertisement in newspaper but the lady never turn up. After few years a young unemployed couple decides to become adventurers. Overhearing their conversation a man named Whittington offers Tuppence a job. But to Whittington she mentioned her name as Jane Finn. On hearing this Whittington gets angry and he mistook her of blackmailing him. Finally the couple decided to find more about Jane Finn. During their investigation they meet Mr.Carter who has handed over the intelligence documents to Jane Finn on the sinking ship. Here begins their search for Jane finn and outliving all the odds they unravel a big plot of international espionage.



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