Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens

This book is an excellent collection of mythological stories associated with various Greece and Roman gods. This book gives a good insight into the culture and customs prevailed in ancient Greece and Rome, the history of their deities and the superstitions associated with them, their religion and various festivals associated with them. This book also gives a good comparison between the Greek and Roman mythology. This is a very informative book but the use of Roman phrases adds some confusion. Overall this is a must read for persons interested in ancient history especially the Greece and Roman history. They have explained all natural phenomena of light, darkness, sea river everything on earth associated with their deities.

The first gods of Greek mythology are Uranus and Gaea. The mythology of their origin was associated with the very origin of the world. They have associated the deities with various kinds of natural forces. Uranus represents heaven and Gaea represents earth and there are ocean, air and all. They also worshipped night, dawn and different myths about their relations with each other. Like the politics of human dynasties, the gods were also dethroned by their sons. Uranus was dethroned by Cronus with the help of Titan and he was dethroned by his son Zeus who also became the king of gods. Romans also identified with Greek. They address Cronus as Saturn and they worship him ass their agricultural god. The interrelated myths of Greek and Roman history are also beautifully described by the author.



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