Moby Dick, or, the whale by Herman Melville

This is an amazing story but it requires lot of hard work to read it. The storyline is simple but the complexity of vocabulary used and symbolic writing style of the author makes is difficult to read. This is not at all a book for surface reading. In few chapters the story lost its momentum by the deep description of whales and ocean life but it is back on track soon. This book is partly romantic, partly adventurous, partly humorous, partly whales encyclopaedia and partly philosophical. Author has efficiently exhibited his different style of writing in this book. This beautifully portrayed the human emotions and actions driven by blind vengeance.

This is the story of Ishmael who ventured in to sea to overcome his depression. He is joined by Queequeg who becomes his best friend over the period of time. Together they start their journey of the sea on pequod for a three year expedition to hunt for sperm whales. On the board they met Captain Ahab and his obsession and vengeance with white whale. On this adventurous mission of killing the white whale, Captain Ahab and his crew lost their lives leaving the only survivor Ishmael with no instruments and fully wrecked ship to narrate this story to us. The conversation between the characters and description of the narrator give lot information about whales.



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