Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

This is a very strange but interesting story of a man transforming into an insect. Being transformed into an insect his thoughts were mainly focussed on how to go to his work. His ultimate aim in spite of all tragedies happen to him is to somehow retain his job. Though the story is far away from reality, but it has beautifully highlighted the hardships faced by an average man in his life. How a man struggle to meets his expectation in professional and personal life and never get to knows his overexploitation by people surrounding him. Moreover, he is viewed as a burden and dejected by his own family members when he is unable to fulfil their needs and disabled. And very soon the family members learnt to live on their own.

The author has symbolically represented a man’s sudden physical and mental disability of a hard working man by this transformation of his centre character of the story. The change in his parent’s behaviour represents the way a family or society view a disable person. Such a well written story that in some instances reader will start identifying himself with Gregor. Though the story starts with a hilarious mood it moves sarcastically while describing the reaction of Gregor’s family on this mishap and leaves the reader heavy hearted in the climax of the story. Though this is a sad tale author has done his best to keep the humour part alive through out the story.



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