Leaves of grass By Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman is a great American poet who has a significant role in revolutionizing poetry in America. Before his era, poetry was mainly confined to in and around religion. He introduced the poems on human and other material objects “Leaves of grass” is the collection of poems pen down by this great poet. Most of the poems are on mid nineteenth century American society and its citizens. The poems are written on various subjects ranging from nature to poems praising the brave soldiers of war. Every poem will reflect the immense wisdom and analytical skills of the great poet. But he was criticized and his marvelous work was reviewed badly and considered anti religious in his life time. Leaves of grass is a collection of powerful and influential poems.

The poem “Song of myself” was written in a stage of transformation in American society and this poem reflects the effects of urbanization on the common man. His poems have put forward the concept of equality. The poem “I sing the body electric” describes beauty of the human body in context of its physiology, sexuality and spirituality. He has expanded the meaning of divine from the Christian god to be identified with his creation and soul of man. Armed with his words he has questioned the negative social practices of mid nineteenth century, slavery and colonialism. His poems praise America as a great land of great civilization and his poems express his great love for his nation. For reading and enjoying this great work one need not be well versed in reading free verse poetry but have the strong affinity to read this work.



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