Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

This is a fascinating story of a young orphan girl and the struggles of her life. This is a wonderful book by Charlotte Bronte both in storyline and the manner in which it is presented to the reader. The description of the painful childhood and the horrible journey to the adulthood will make the reader empathise with the main character of the story. The portrayal of Jane Eyre’s character is outstanding. The influence of a horrified childhood on an adult’s life and her self made principles was very well depicted in the story. The author’s description of deep emotions of Jane Eyre made it possible for the reader to live with Jane Eyre through out the story. This work is a perfect blend of emotions, romance and suspense and a little bit of humour adds the charm to the story.

Jane Eyre a young orphan girl mistreated by her cousins and aunt was sent to a boarding school. Overcoming all the odds of life in boarding school she excels in her studies and makes good friends in school with which her outlook towards the life was changed. After school she finds a job of a governess in Thornfield’s rich man Mr Rochester’s house. The bulk of the book is devoted to this part of Jane Eyre’s life. The love story of two different personalities Mr Rochester and Jane, age, thoughts, class there was no similarity between them. Their love story was always surrounded by the mysteries and secrets of the house. Jane was shattered by the revelation about Mr Rochester wife and she left Thornfield and once again she was left alone in the world. Towards the ending chapters, the story catch a very fast pace. Jane met her cousins and a fortune left by her deceased uncle. By the end of the story Jane Eyre found Mr Rochester in a ruined state and accepts him.



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