Household organization by Mrs. Caddy

This is a concrete book on household organization in the modern world. Mrs. Caddy has beautifully analyzed the concept of household organization in social and economic perspectives and its application in our lives. She emphasizes the need for household management and its significance in achieving the better standards of life. This is written on simple topics what most of us overlook in our daily life. This book assumes greater importance in today’s world as our dependence on the machines is increasing for household management and man is becoming slaves of luxury items rather than having confidence on his own hands. The author gives an awakening call to change the lifestyle and attitude in the wake of crisis and development in the socio economic sector.

This book expands the concept of household organization and first applies it to the members of the household and their habits. The subject is quite dry except for those who have a keen interest in housekeeping. But this book is an exception as the author has mixed the flavor of sarcasm and wit about the common aristocratic norms of household management prevailing in the British society. Mrs. Caddy has dealt in detail about beautifying every corner of the house with simplicity and keeping in view the necessity and comfort. She strongly discourages extravagances for decorating the house. This is a perfect guide on household management in British society.



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