Gulliver’s travels into several remote nations of world by Jonathan Swift D.D.

This book of Jonathan Swift is unique in it and deserves a special place in the world of classic literature. This is the book which is equally famous among children and adults. But both the sections will have a different perspective of reading this book of Jonathan Swift. The surface reading of the book will entertain the reader with its humorous and adventurous voyages. By this voyages Jonathan Swifts makes an in depth analyses of the British society. There is a good comparison of English society with four imaginary societies of four undiscovered nation differing from each other in all aspects. The first two voyages of Gulliver are very famous but the last two voyages of Gulliver are amazing. Jonathan Swift has described the adventurous expedition of Gulliver in very simple words and can be read with ease.

The first voyage of Gulliver to the land of Lilliput is amazing. After ship wreck Gulliver was taken by the waves to the land of Lilliputs humans with maximum height of six inches. Jonathan has beautifully described how Gulliver became intimate with them and the innovation of Lilliputs and their technology is mind blowing. Gulliver acted as a mediator to settle dispute between Lilliputs and Blefuscu is the best humorous part of the story. The second voyage of Gulliver is to Brobdingnag opposite of Lilliputs. He was stunt with the huge size of the inhabitants. Third voyage Gulliver finds a floating Island and in fourth voyage he encounters a kingdom ruled by a race of horses that got human intelligence, Houyhnhnms and uncultured human like creatures called yahoo.



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