Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This great classic literature was written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley at very young age based on her theories and philosophies of life drawn from her own experiences of life. The theme of the story is horrific but this is not a horror novel. But the idea it wants to convey to the reader is shocking. This is the story of creator’s responsibility towards his creation. The author has highlighted the man’s nature of neglecting the discoveries and creation not useful to him unless and until it pose a serious threat to his life and existence. Though the writer has written on imaginary ideas but this ethical novel assumes much importance in today’s world with test tube babies and tremendous development in the field of genetics and nuclear physics. This novel when written was not a science fiction but many science fictions were made based on this plot. An amazing story told in a simple way.

This story is written in the form of letters of an explorer RobertWalton on his journey to Arctic Ocean to his sister. On his way he rescues Victor Frankenstein from hypothermia and starvation. Frankenstein reveals his life history to Walton which is the core of this novel. He described his childhood in Geneva and his studies and research at a university in Germany. As a young scientist and scholar he thought of creating a new life and led to the creation of new creature. But on seeing his creation he was struck with fear and abandons it. He was shocked to find that his self created monster was responsible for the murder of his brother and near ones. Frankenstein meets his creation and he tells him his story of loneliness and rejection by humans which turned him violent. He demands to Frankenstein to create a bride of his own nature. The last chapters describe the consequence of Frankenstein refusal of his request. He was chased by the monster which ends in Arctic Ocean.



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