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Emma by Jane Austen

Emma is a romantic comedy written by Jane Austen. Emma is different from other novels of Jane Austen. Unlike other novels, in this her central character Emma Woodhouse is the most flawed and imperfect and by the end readers will find her most charming and lovable among the Jane Austen’s heroines. Throughout the novel she makes the comedy of manners existed in the upper class of English society. In this novel, Jane Austen has crossed the barrier of culture; religion and socio economic norms prevailed in the eighteenth century in her writing and came out with this classic piece of literature. This is very simple and beautiful story and the wit and sarcasm add more charm to the story. Each character of this story has a different outlook to the society. The story moves with the untangling of confusions created by Emma Woodhouse with her matchmaking quest.

Emma Woodhouse is a clever, beautiful and wealthy female and the story begins with depiction of her loneliness after her governess and close friend Miss Taylor’s wedding. She had a major hand in Miss Taylor’s and Mr. Weston marriage and she believed them to be a perfect match. And obsessed with her match making ability she begins her search for perfect match for her new and poor friend Harriet Smith. She convinced Harriet to reject the proposal of Robert Martin and marry Mr Elton. Mr Elton’s marriage leads to further confusion of Harriet’s infatuation towards Mr. Knightley. Mr. Knightley is the person who finds the fault of Emma and tries to stop her from match making. By the end she realizes her mistakes and her love for Mr. Knightley.



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