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Chess Fundamentals by Jose Raul Capablanca

This is an outstanding book written by the great chess champion Jose Raul Capablanca based on his own years of experience and experiments with chess. This book is written on strategies followed in chess. Jose Raul Capablanca has written this book keeping in view the knowledge of a beginner in chess. But it contains valuable information useful at all levels. Though written thirteen years ago and chess has tremendously improved during this period, but his principles and theories stands true till now. This book is divided into two parts; part one contains general instructions in six chapters and part two contains fourteen illustrative games. 

This book gives information about all the basic mates and illustrated by various examples. It discusses pawn promotions and pawn endings and some simple positions to win the middle game. It gives a good comparison and relative value of pieces. It consists of important opening moves and information on traps to avoid. The author discusses the understanding of end game first, then the middle game and finally the opening game. He discusses the relative value of Bishop and knight and their merits and demerits. This book also discusses the general theory of chess tested and trusted by this great chess champion. Last two chapters of the first part are very important as they apply the principles and theory read in the first four chapters to ending and opening game strategies.

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