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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Alice in wonderland is a wonderful fairy tale for children which exhibit the excellent creative skills of the author. The story begins with Alice chasing a well dressed white rabbit and enters into a different world of fantasy. She encounters strange experiences like growing as big as pigeon mistook her for serpent and so small that she fell into her own tear pool. She encounters animals different from our normal world, they can speak and dance. Her encounter with the Queen who gives the execution order of everyone brings the story to a serious note. But with the entry of mock turtle and returning of white rabbit the story is back to its humorous path. 

Nothing in this story matches the real world. The story neither has any educational value nor moral summary. It is full and full of fun only. But the curiosity, innovativeness and creativity of a child are required to read and enjoy this book fully. It can be read again and again. Even though Lewis Caroll's dream child met with so many unpredictable events there is no trace of terror in this story. The story moves smoothly from one imaginary plot to another. The reader will never loose his interest in this imaginary plot. This is written so wonderfully it makes the reader feel as if he had the same dream of Alice.

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